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Next-Generation Satellite Ground Stations

C-CORE’s Next-Generation Satellite Ground Stations are an innovative solution that combines extensive downlink capabilities with strong data security and fast, reliable access. Located in Canada’s Northwest Territories (Inuvik) and Labrador (Happy Valley Goose Bay), C-CORE’s high-latitude ground stations are strategically positioned to support the new generation of satellite missions. These missions are higher density constellations, and mission operators are demanding more cost-effective solutions optimized for high volumes of smallsat receptions.

C-CORE delivers.

Groundstation Locations
ground station planning

Planning Services

Are you launching a new satellite or expanding constellation?

We can help you plan your ground station requirements including communications, downlink capacities, and regulatory licencing.

ground station data operations

Data Operations

Once you are up and running we support your ongoing operations.

Our service fully monitors your downlink passes, and personal technical support services.

groundstation data processing and analytics

Data Processing/Analytics

We offer complete end-to-end EO Data workflow automation and Geospatial Analytics

Helping maximize your data's business impact and value.

Uniquely postiioned ground stations
  • We allow our clients to send command transmissions, receive telemetry, tracking and command (TT&C) and directly receive the Earth observation data​

  • Agile and flexible to meet the growing needs of new and existing Satellite operators

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